A Cosmic Joke

I am turning 25 this year and it dawns on me now that I’ve been constantly experiment things in life. There’s a lot of variety and things to try. I see no problem with it — I live with discretion also.

I have heard something and it sounded juicy, so I put it to the test! I’ve never confirmed any ideology as absolutely true. I mean that genuinely. I’ve place a lot of faith in my experiments, and they all turned out, but never how I could have conceived. What a joke.

I have something better from my experiments instead. That is refinement. I accept any challenge. Every challenge has sharpened my knife! I never have failed a challenge, that’s a fact. I know that because the mark of failing is in death, and I am not dead. I am well and alive, so I have not failed.

I am turning 25 this year. It is getting better every year. These are things that sink in deep for me.

Life is complicated. There are many things to consider and it can suck you in! You keep your head up! Learn to smile in the face of strife. Smiling is one of the greatest tools in your arsenal. Smiling is taking sovereignty and remaining untouched by the external and founded in your being. It is so beautiful when you see somebody smiling, you know that they are having joy! It is contagious. When you smile, somebody else will smile and it continues on! That is a great contribution to the world. Now see, I am smiling!

Things happen so quickly, and when they are done, they will never happen again. So it will be a shame if you forget to live now and always live as a slave to your future. What is happening now is life itself actually. We talk about tomorrow, but in reality, tomorrow never comes. There is only today. When you are with your partner, you should be with them totally. It is stealing if you are pretending to be with your partner because they are giving them self to you and you and not giving anything back. The time to live is now. Don’t think about it, just become natural. I have said to Nirvanablogs many times before. If there is something you want to do, you should do it today, don’t wait for even one more day!

Families are precious. Please believe that families is not determined by blood, they are determined by love and respect. Your family has that for you. Somebody loves you deeply, at least one person can be your family — even your pet. Maybe your pet rock.

Divinity. You don’t need God. You don’t need theology. You don’t need scriptures. You need to see your life is in front of your eyes. When you live your life, then naturally you are being spiritual and religious. Divinity is smacked all over the place. The more you reduce yourself to a zero, the more divine everything is becoming. Beliefs are not worth much, you need to experience your life, then you be for real living. That is much more valuable. It is all divine existence. Can you believe you are here right now? You actually are existing and doing this whole thing. Now it is spiritual. It is real now!

All these things have been experiments. I am not believing anything. I am experimenting. There’s many things to know about, I find growth in everything. I am not following anyone’s path, but sure my path runs in harmony with others. Twenty five years almost! I didn’t imagine it would be like this. I never could have. Whatever wasn’t possible then is possible now. This book has had so many great chapters. It is a very long drama, believe me, many things have happened. And in some deeper sense, it actually starts to look like one big cosmic joke. It’s a joke — you are the butt of the joke!

Sat Nam

Erik H.

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

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