A New View On Atheism

I am going use a lot of references to support my thesis. That is all this is; a thesis. I like dialectical thinking so I think I’ll be writing more thesis papers.

I have been studying for years now. It is my hobby. Sometimes people make small talk with me and ask me what I like doing. My mind instinctively goes back to things I’ve loved through the years which have come and gone; fitness, playing music, Pink Floyd, school. A lot of things have come and gone, but to be truthful my new pass time is studying. I spend a lot of time reading and writing. Between reading and writing is where a lot of magic is happening in life. So I call this blog the novel of my life. It is a great saga.

This is something that has stirred my mind in study. I cannot help but see a pattern among opposing things. Different approaches in thought lean on each other. Everything is leaning on everything else, sometimes it is gross enough to see. Mostly the transpiration between this and that is subtlety unseen. But I think that if your turn your mind there without prejudice, it is simply enough to see, many things can be true.

Many things can be true despite their contradiction. Our society puts principles on a pedestal. You will not live well by being defending strict principles because you will find many contradictions in life. This is very true philosophically speaking. In fact the first time I took a philosophy class in college, I was quite disturbed by seeing my own philosophical differences. I have many, and they have bothered me before. It is a love hate relationship. There’s something stimulating to uncovering the questions in life. I love finding those contradictions because I test them. If you believe that unity of mind is one and approach contradictions as a things to be examined, then you will find dialectical truth. That has been my experience. A few weeks ago I wrote My God which was a thesis in good light of God. I acknowledge now as I acknowledged then; God is a dialectical approach to your life.

“The theists and the non-theists can debate to wits end. But I will say for the record, they cannot truly disagree on the existence or non-existence of anything, they can only disagree on concepts and linguistics. But truth is truth and it cannot be proven false. I know this because I have been a theist, then a non-theist, and than a theist again; the debate has been happening inside of me for the whole entirety of my life, and I have never found difference with myself. I agree with the atheist, and I agree with the theists. It matters not how you call it. It is purely God or it is purely science, or neither of the two – it matters not! The creation is just as it is”.

THIS BLOG IS ABOUT ATHEISM and it will ‘contradict’ or ‘compliment’ my previous thesis My God, it will depend how you look at it.

OSHO said,

“Whenever you come across a contradiction, watch very carefully. There is bound to be something of great significance. Never avoid contradictions because life is contradictory. Life exists through the tension of contradiction. So whenever you come across a contradiction you are very close to the source of life. Let that be always remembered.”

“The ordinary reaction is, whenever you come across a contradiction you start trying to solve it, start finding explanations for it, or start dropping it into the unconscious so you need not worry about it. You start doing something about it immediately the moment you feel some contradiction, because you have been taught to live noncontradictorily. You have been taught a very dangerous thing. Nobody can live noncontradictorily. If you want to live, you have to live through contradiction, as contradiction.”

THESE WORDS DEFEND my point. Contradictions to me are only an opportunity to sharpen my intelligence. A question comes in my mind and so I study and read. More questions come, more questions come and so i’m led down the rabbit hole. I can’t say what’s in the rabbit hole but my questions become so fictitious there.

I’ve spoken in support of the notion of God. It is just a notion. Divinity matters, but it doesn’t matter how you think about it. You can’t think about divinity and you will see that. So you just live in Divinity. Do you like to read about science? Do you like to think about the Cosmos? Then you already know, this universe is a great mystical happening. How can you think about it? You are it. So call it God.

Please follow me, even if by pretend for a minute. Let your mind be open. When your mind has fewer biases, it sees better. If you have even the slightest bias, you cannot see what I am trying to tell you. Have a dialectical view instead. Don’t become part of the God conspiracy. The only ways you can know the conventional God is through belief, but beliefs are cheap. Beliefs are great conspiracies to console the human mind. The human mind is quite a complex. It asks why constantly! And apparently it doesn’t like to take ‘I don’t know’ as an answer. It makes up a lot of beliefs instead. Have you seen the man you know of as God? He must be the great father who love you so much. He must be the final judgement. He must be the only one who makes you whole. There’s a valuable disposition behind a humble attitude, but common sense is for a reason, and I don’t accept the conventional idea of God.

Your God is ugly now. He is against love. He is against Mother Earth. He is against nature. In that sense, I am an atheist. And an atheistic mindset is big jump. It requires a lot of courage. As I see it, nobody is condemning. There really no condemnation in life, you are only condemning yourself! This is a folly of mind. You can see the mechanical pattern of mind very easily, just step back and look.

Mind is very mechanic. Gurdjieff was very wise to have spoken about the mechanical nature of man kind very often. He broke it down so that you could understand, and he was immaculately skilled at doing it! He had a sharp mind and explained it so that you cannot deny – – the functioning of man is very mechanical.

“Man is a machine, but a very peculiar machine. He is a machine which, in right circumstances, and with right treatment, can know that he is a machine, and having fully realized this, he may find the ways to cease to be a machine.
First of all, what man must know is that he is not one; he is many. He has not one permanent and unchangeable ‘I’ or Ego.”

This way you can see it. People are looking so much for meaning. It is the greatest question that the brain has learned to ask. Even being capable to ask ‘why’ is a great thing that human mind has learned. Beliefs are a great phenomenon because you can see how well they are consoling the ‘why’ question for most people. They cannot bear not to know why things happen. It is okay though, because there are religions. They are consoling your greatest questions aren’t they? You don’t know your own company, so you feel lonely. There is a great consolation if you believe in God. And for everything you don’t know, isn’t it curious how God is there to resolve your questions. Your emotions are vulnerable and so beliefs can easily console them. What I’m trying to say is that this mind game approach to life is foolish. Drop it all together, just live. No judgement. No condemnation.

James Suter answer a question about ‘meaning’ very well on Quora.

“I think the reason humans believe they have a need for meaning is because we have evolved to understand cause and effect. Understanding cause and effect has helped gain an advantage over other animals in that it helps us to identify patterns over time, understand the causes for occurrences, and enable us to capitalize on those patterns. We actively seek “why” things happens because that’s the core of who we are as a species. But, this all breaks down in the face of death and our short time here. We simply can’t explain why We are here, especially YOU who is reading this. It’s the ultimate “why” question that cannot be answered.”

“The problem is that humans have difficulty dealing with unanswerable questions. So we make up nonsensical beliefs to make us feel better – and it gets so bad that some people force others to accept their beliefs in order to make themselves feel better. My “why” question is “why can’t people just accept meaninglessness for what it is and move on with their lives without any set delusion?” because there just isn’t any objective meaning for existence itself.”

That is important to think about. Have you observed that the function of asking questions is unrelated to life which is actually happening here and now. We are only thinking about it or talking about it. I am only telling you an idea. It has no relevance to here and now. Ideas about God are far away from life. You can only think about God. There are many religions and cultures which are living so well without any notion or teaching about God. They are not atheist. They are just living there life just as preciously as it is to believe in God. “The recognition of the diving in nature is at the heart of Pagan belief”. That is the gift of Paganism.

Zen also makes great statements about the notion of God.

Zen does not hold that there is a god apart from the universe who first created this universe and then created man to enjoy, or even master it…. Rather, Zen holds that there is no god outside the universe who has created it and created man. God—if I may borrow that word for a moment—the universe, and man are one indissoluble existence, one total whole. Only THIS—capital THIS—is. Anything and everything that appears to us as an individual entity or phenomenon, whether it be a planet or an atom, a mouse or a man, is but a temporary manifestation of THIS in form.

There are many scriptures which speak very poetically about the Father God. They are explicit about God’s word. Jesus spoke very simply about coming unto God in the Bible. Krishna in the Gita speaks emphatically in very theistic terms.

The scriptures are beautiful. They are full of virtue and truth. But they are historical artifacts. I am feeling my way through life, that is how my scriptures are written. I am including all the things that I read in the scriptures. Everything deserves a good look at. There are many religions out there. They are all constructions of mind. So it is very interesting to study the religions and see how the human mind is asking questions and finding answers.

If you are interested, you should give each tradition a try. There are gems in every path. I am not staying on one path, I am treading all over them. It is fun, I’m just living. I love to sing and dance with the Hare Krishnas. Be careful if you spend time around them, they are so infections with their charisma and cheer. I love to meditate with the Buddhists. They carry a wave of awareness and compassion around them. I know some Buddhists who it is impossible to feel judged by.

My experience of divinity is in all these things. In manifests through all my experiences. I have a wild imagination, it spills over into my life all the time, I’m just going with it. It reminds me of the great simplicity in the Taoist philosophy. I am just going by the way. When it goes this way, I am going with it. When I was in high school, I didn’t imagine I’d ever be so comfortable with writing a blog like this. I couldn’t have done it then, I was such a split person in high school. I am just being myself now. I am not believing in God. The only God I knew of a story about my past. When I left the church, I left that God behind, he was slowing me down. I am not against it. I am not the opposite of it now. I just graduated the church. I am just treading on the path now. I am not trying to reach any milestone.

I am just living. I planted my garden today and I didn’t feel like anything else was going on that was more important. I was just living, with my hands in the cool soil and my head in the fresh air and sunshine. I am writing now, and this is the most valuable thing that I’m doing. I’m not concerned about the corona virus. I could also be in a car accident tomorrow, it can happen at any time, I’m not worried.

So I’m not concerned with God. We can talk about other things, you will say, ‘that is God!’, so be it. That is fine, you can call it God. The name has no importance. I am saying that truth is whole and indivisible. Come talk to me and I will show you, ‘yes that is what I’m talking about, you can call it God’.

‘Sat Nam’, I put those words at the end of every blog. ‘Sat’ means ‘Truth’ in Sanskrit, and ‘Nam’ means name. The truth all over the place, Your very being is truth. You are a whole and indivisible presence right here. If that sinks in for you, you will see it is a far away thought from ‘God’.

Sat Nam

Erik H.

Note; I did not edit this blog in particular. As a result you see it can be hard to follow, I am just stirring ideas in the pot tonight.
Photo by Allie Smith

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