Quarantine Blogs

People are very afraid right now, and it is understandable. I hope people will remain calm. I am not downplaying the situation. There is a threat in the population and it can affect anybody. People should be vigilant, but not afraid. Threats have always been there and you have always taken them into account.

This virus is like a great equalizer. Everyone is treating it with great concern because just like death, nobody is immune from contracting the virus. People die everyday from other diseases. Thousands of people fell asleep last night and didn’t wake up this morning for other reasons. Life isn’t guaranteed and that is constantly a fact. There’s no more reason to be afraid today than there was tomorrow. Death is always on the horizon, so now will be a good time to practice living.

I was listening to the president speak to the country today. I am far removed from the president and his politics, but I don’t dislike him. I like him. He is a man who is serving as our representative. I don’t think his intentions are pure. I think his logic is very flawed. I think that he tells a lot of lies. But I like him equally as I like everybody.

When there is a pandemic in the country, the president and his men are concerned. They are desperately doing what they can do and the country wants to know what the administration is doing. That is the beauty of our democracy. The press is there to represent the people. The press is there to hold our leader accountable. The president has been lying to the country for a long time but I don’t think that he is immune to good intention. This pandemic is beyond politics, it is an emergency. I cannot participate in the hateful rhetoric. I am only interested in solution, no making drama. During the press conference this morning I see that the press is acting out of pure necessity like I think the president is. I’ve seen Trump say awful things to the press when the are asking his legitimate questions. But this morning it was shameful to see the press try and pin the administration with anything that will make the poor news of the president. It seemed more important for the press to make the president look bad than to ask thoughtful questions.

I don’t like to see this kind of thing happen. I understand this is an unpopular opinion. Our current president and his administration are at the head of the most politically heated time in our history. A lot of people hate the President. I don’t hate him. Animosity is a very chaotic energy, it is hard to have clarity when there is tension. I can speak to anybody about politics, there is always common ground.

People should be concerned about people. When life and safety is the top priority, the you can put politics aside. I believe the president and his administration are acting in the countries best interest. Government around the world have been against each other, but now death is equally imminent to everyone — all the governments are coming together. There are some stinkers out there who are trying to capitalize on people’s struggles. Some people are like that, they do not consider you, they only consider themselves.

So this is my advice. Maybe you are like me now; having more time at home. You should meditate. If you cannot work, it’s concerning, but do what you can. You’ve done what you can, now meditate. There is no better way to pass your time than to meditate. Meditation will help you stay very calm. It will help you feel very well grounded and unafraid. You cannot be afraid while you meditate, it’s impossible. You can only become more calm and have more clarity. You can just sit and relax. True relaxing is also meditation. You don’t have to work, maybe you have time with your family. Just relax and enjoy your time. Everything is okay really if you just relax.

People are working very hard. People are doing what they can do to help you. So you do what you can do, be calm and peaceful. You can be vigilant and aware at the same time — there is a threat — but keep your calm. Also be realistic. A lot of people have died. There time is up but they also have friends and families. Be considerate, people have lost their loved ones. But you can be there for them. Bring your peacefulness and calmness to them, it will help.

I have heard that people are very anxious. I am thinking about you. I’m well acquainted with anxiety, so I am thinking about you. If you have anxiety, try this simple technique. I will bring you back home to now.

-Identify 5 things you can see. Take a look at them.
-Feel 4 things. How does everything feel?
-Identify 3 thing that you hear. Hear them completely.
-Identify 2 thing that you can smell. This one is my favorite.
-Identify something you taste.

This is a simple grounding technique, I hope you can use it.

Be safe and be mindful.

Sat Nam

Erik H.

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