Quarantine Blogs

Hey, I’m writing from my phone because last night I split just a little water on my keyboard. It was working afterwards except for the clicker on the mousepad (it’s touchscreen, thank god). Now it’s doing a surprise update and it’s only moved to 17% in one hour.

It’s a good thing I’ve got the Note — I got it specifically to blog remotely. It provides a good platform to write with. It remind me of when I first got it last summer.

I was living in Salt Lake City doing an internship with SLC Weekly. After spending the morning making listings and writing small music articles, I’d walk around the city looking in art shops, seeing museums, visiting old buildings, reading at coffee shops.

In the evening I would take the Trax back home. Naturally, I’d always have something to say about anything that came across me that day. So I would pull out my Note, and write a blog. I was having the most readers that Summer, but the blogs were of lesser aesthetic quality.

Now I’m thinking about it, I could recount dozens of memories. And almost everything was memorable, no doubt to the fact that I was consuming a lot of Sadhguru — I was experiencing life with a higher quality for the first time since my childhood.

I had some great meditation at the park in Gallivan Center. It wasn’t always peachy. I arrived there one day, and a man was pleasing himself with another woman nearby him. I scolded him, “Please sir, if you are going to masturbate, at least do it on the State Capitol Building. It is only around the corner — The Red Line will take you there.” I properly scolded him. But anyways, the woman was disgusted and left quickly. And I meditated in the grass!

I went to a few outdoor concerts, once with my ex. That one was the best, she’s freaking awesome!

I want to tell you about today. I smelt spring time today. Today, on the foothills of the mountains in Provo City Utah, it smelt so much like Spring. It was more than a smell, it was like a memorable feeling! I can’t tell you what it was — the words escape me. But I had all day to marinate in this feeling. It was the best because I was doing what I love to do — drive the Zam. I was doing it for hours!

We’re removing the north ice sheet at my ice rink. The building is closed, but we are working. The ice is like your baby — and I know you wouldn’t leave your baby because of the virus. No, your baby has needs, you can’t neglect it! Well it’s all coming out, so we’ve got to shave it down. And so I got to drive our Zams for straight hours today. Let me tell you how it was!

I listened to music, listened to podcasts, and listened to my thoughts. I was dancing sometimes, I making the ice into the flatest, driest ice surface ever. It was a great day because afterwards I went down to the river and sat there by the big lake. It was so beautiful, you know the water was not to fast, so you could hear all the animals making noises. They were making a lot of noise, and I wonder what they were saying.

This just tops it off for the day. A lot of Coffee Spots in Provo are not opperating right now. That’s not a good thing. But it’s a good thing that my main Coffee spot is still open. The shop is empty, but they are still serving coffee to go. It was empty, I didn’t realize they were about to lock up when I walked in. This girl, I think her name is Eilish, she served me and extra cup since she was about to dump the rest. You’re freaking cool Eilish — thanks!

That’s it for me tonight. I’m sitting here with my pile of books. I think I should give this pile a name, it’s becoming a growing permanent fixture. That reminds me. Since the town is all hiding away, I’m spending more time at home, which means I’ve been writting more. I’m working on my first series on Nirvanablogs. It’s actually a personal project and very informal. I’m taking about Cannabis and I’ve got a lot to say. I haven’t written about it very much before but I’m talking about why in this series of blogs. I’m sitting on a few of them right now, so I think there are coming soon. But first my computer really needs to finish updating, it’s at 25% now. Be safe family.

Sat Nam

Erik H.

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