I’ve listened to a few really great discourses given by controversial figures from the recent past. I was about to say that I’ve learned a lot from them, but on a deeper aspect I haven’t really heard anything that wasn’t natural and intrinsic of knowing. It only takes some human common sense to shine light… Read More Familiarity


For weeks I have been a a very deep study, there is no other way I can say it. I have been in study and thinking, because study needs introspection. They go together. I read philosophy, anthropology, theology, sociology, history, and psychology. There are so many parallels to be drawn in history and relevant times.… Read More Birthright

My Sweet Lord

I LOVE MY SWEET LORD. I think that a few people will understand what I mean in these five words, but certainly many will misunderstand. I LOVE MY SWEET LORD. Those are simple words. Gurdjieff said, “If we take the simplest words that occur constantly in speech and endeavor to analyze the meaning given to… Read More My Sweet Lord