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Hey everyone, thanks for coming to my blog. I apologize because right now, my site is under construction. I’m upgrading the look and feel of my blog so things may be a little messy here and there, but please feel free to brown through my blogs.

I’ve found it difficult sometimes to express to others how I think, and what I feel. That’s why I started this blog six months ago. I use this platform as way to articulate and express myself to the world. My blogs are about music, spirituality, drugs, music, art, mental health, social awareness, philosophy, plants, love, and betterment. I consider myself to have an introverted personality, and I spend a lot of time thinking and being with myself. I love diving into my thoughts and inquiring about the nature of my mind and my thinking. I write about my experiences in life. I write about the highs and the lows. I’ve really pushed myself to speak openly and honestly. I really hope that I’ve expressed myself in a way that others can relate to.

Words are important. Learning to use words is the art of rhetoric. Wielding this ability affords a lot of influence in the world. Speech is how humankind interact. When words are crafted carefully, they can be an immense force for good, or a rampant force for bad. I’ve seen an irresponsible and overgrowing trend of using rhetoric in the media to divide people rather than uniting. Rhetoric is being used as a weapon to extort the population that is also deprived of an equal platform to compete for a fair living. It’s an injustice, and as a human being with so many privileges, I feel obliged to expand on my passions, and turn them into something that can help other people.

Thank you so much for being with my on this journey! I speak to my family and friends, and the rest of you, who I am can’t wait to meet in this life or another one.

“Wherever there is persuasion, there is rhetoric, and wherever there is rhetoric, there is meaning”

-Kenneth Burke-



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