Today’s blog, I want to start with talking about philosophy. It’s better to say that I will discussing around philosophy. Sometimes I like to read about philosophy. Morals and ethics was an annoying class for me to take in college. It challenged by behavior and beliefs. I love to see something new in life and… Read More Philosophia


I’ve listened to a few really great discourses given by controversial figures from the recent past. I was about to say that I’ve learned a lot from them, but on a deeper aspect I haven’t really heard anything that wasn’t natural and intrinsic of knowing. It only takes some human common sense to shine light… Read More Familiarity


For weeks I have been a a very deep study, there is no other way I can say it. I have been in study and thinking, because study needs introspection. They go together. I read philosophy, anthropology, theology, sociology, history, and psychology. There are so many parallels to be drawn in history and relevant times.… Read More Birthright