People Don’t Think The Universe Be Like It Is, But It Do

Anyone else heard of the Black Science Man? Ah, you’ve got to love Mr. Tyson. I don’t think he’s actually quoted as saying this but it’s become a popular little phrase in some circles.

Yes, I know it make no sense at all, but does it have to? I can tell you about when I first read this quote.

My older sister Jaz and I met Lucy when I was 19. You’ve heard of her. She lives in the sky with the diamonds. We had great times with Lucy and I still make it a ritual to visit her every now and then.  She always has something to teach me and usually gives me a good time. Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye, but even then, she’s given me something to consider.

I believe it was my first year in college when Jaz introduced me to her. On one occasion, the three of us were night trippin’ at Jaz’s cute little house in the suburbs of Salt Lake. Now mind you this, on this particular occasion, we were deep in the fabric of the collective consciousness. On those nights, we’d usually hang around the house doing various activities; watching an egg fry, messing with the lighting, wandering around, painting, having conversation (or at lease some version of it), and watching The Cosmos series.

I saw this picture and quote hanging on Jaz’s fridge,

black science man

“People don’t think the universe be like it is but it do”

At this point, my mind is boggled and I’m like, “What does this mean! How am I supposed to make sense of this?” I guess it bothered me to decipher the meaning because I was a big fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson. He didn’t actually say this but why has somebody chosen Mr. Tyson as the face of this meme? What’s the relation? I think its intriguing that Mr. Tyson’s rhetoric seems to strike the imagination of certain people in Lucy’s circle.

That’s plenty to ramble on for now, though I’m really excited to share more stories about those times. All I could say for now is that I honestly attribute using LSD as the biggest turning point in my life and the largest factor for change.

Stay tuned fellow earthling, there’s more to come!

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