Bloom For The Gloom

I would like to say that I’ve taken care of these plants, but that is not true. They have taken care of me. This gallery is of photos I took from the UVU greenhouse, which has become somewhat of a sanctuary for me. Of course that is besides my own sanctuary which is where I take care of my own plants at home.

I’ll be brief with this topic as I still haven’t found the words to convey my emotion. Talking about depression is tough. But talking about plants and depression is a bit easier for me. So I can say this little…

I began collecting a few plants about a year ago. It was my first meeting with depression, and it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was uncomfortable with it and I needed something to distract me.  I’d always been fond of house plants and I had a few of my own. Every time I was taken down that lonely and dark path, my plants were there on the sides of the path. They were there for me to look at. They were they for me to think about. They were there for me to take care of. And what happens next is a connection that words can’t exactly describe. I dove into Buddhism and that gave me a new way to look at plants and my relationship with them.

Time and events have passed between then and now. My plant and life collection has grown. Taking care of life still serves as a positive catalyst to cope with my depression and anxiety.  I hope you look at these pictures mindfully and see the incredible phenomena of evolution that brought them from a million years ago, to the image of a plant on the screen in front of you now.


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