San Diego Vacation 2017

I made a lot of great memories with my friends in the years between graduating highschool and last year when I entered university. I spent most of those years working, and since I wasn’t going to school, my friends and I spent A LOT of time being outside. We camped a lot, we traveled the state, we fished, we hiked, we snowboarded, we lodged. I don’t regret a minute of that time.

There was a lot of good chemistry between the six of us. We were three couples. Devan, Sean and I we’re all pretty close as well as the ladies; Jessica, Jenn, and Esther. Jessica was the glue. She was the one who took us outside all these years. Being outside and doing activities was a lifestyle for her, so naturally she dragged us outside all the time. I’m still great friends with all five of them, but Jessica has stayed my best friend to this day.

San Diego was in the summer and 2017. Jessica and Devan were already on the California coast, so they asked Jenn and I to meet them in San Diego to vacation for a couple days. Jenn and I flew to meet them in San Diego. We stayed in an Airbnb.

We spent a couple days at the Ocean. Jenn got to spend a lot of time tanning on the beach. The nightlife in San Diego was exciting. We went to the gaslamp, and to La Jolla beach. My best memory in San Diego was getting high on the beach and watching the sun set with my ex and my best friends. I remember having a lot of bonding time with my friends.

We went on a lot of trips trips like that one. Those memories are gems to me so I’m making a goal to write those stories down since my memory fails me more often these days. I’m certain that’s related to my daily weed smoking habit.

That era had to come to an end. Jenn and I split up. I moved out and went to college. We all more or less quit the job where we all met and the group kind of fell apart. I still see them all, although we haven’t been together with the six of us since July 4th of last year when we watched fireworks from the roof of the building where we worked. Thats a blog story for another day.

Erik Hight

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