The morbid reality of life is happening all the time folks. Life is so full of suffering. Death happens, and people are really out here dying because they are unable to carry the burden of their suffering.

But when it’s not happening to us, what are we doing? Being oblivious to the fact that it’s happening to our brothers and sisters?

Then, when suicide happens, we offer up the kindest words. We treat the memory of our deceased person better than we treated them in living.

Ladies and gentleman. Depressed people of the world…

We lost one of our own this week. Her name was Megan Baisch. And she took one for the team. Because, as her and I were trying to climb out of the trenches of despair, and the battlefield of the depression, she helped me to saftey. But she couldn’t find her way out.

Here’s to you Megan.

Thank you for helping me. Thank you for being there.

Erik H.